New Changes to the Texas Mechanics Lien Laws

Starting January 2022, Texas Legislature enacted some significant changes to the Texas Lien statute.  Although these changes do not affect bond claims on public projects in Texas, the new legislature significantly modified the existing laws related to the private project in Texas.  It should be noted, these changes only apply to original contracts entered on […]

Contractors May Have Found a Temporary Relief Against Vaccine Mandate

A federal judge in Georgia issued yesterday a nationwide preliminary injunction that prohibits the government from enforcing the vaccine mandate that applies to federal contractors. The court’s order covers all contractors and subcontractors in the United States and its territories and will be in place until further notice. This decision follows a similar preliminary injunction issued last […]

Pitfalls Of Inconsistent Clauses Between Prime Contract and Subcontract

Typical subcontracts between the Subcontractor and the Prime Contractor include an incorporation provision of the Prime Contractor’s Prime Contract.  The typical provision would read as follows: “The contract between Contractor and the Owner is hereby incorporated into and made a part of this Agreement by reference.    Subcontractor assumes toward Contractor all of the obligations and responsibilities contained […]

Construction Managers May Be Held Liable to General Contractors If Committing Fraud

Generally, construction managers are retained by the owners to manage the construction projects.  They do not enter directly into contracts with the general contractors, but instead as agents for owners.  In such instances, and as a general rule, construction managers cannot be sued by the general contractors directly for the economic losses.  However, if the construction managers commit […]

Contractors Requirements To Comply with COVID0-19 VACCINATION On Federal Jobs

Subject to the Executive Order 14042, Federal Workforce Task Force issued guidance for the federal contractors and their subcontractors requiring mandatory COVID-19 workplace safety protocols, including vaccinations.   The Guidance requirements relating to the vaccination requires covered contractors to ensure all covered employees are vaccinated not later than December 8, 2021, or prior to the first […]